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CBD Oil for Lupus and Gout Pain

“I am a 62 year-old Vietnam veteran who suffers from Lupus. This is my story of why I am taking your 300mg tincture of CBD oil for lupus and gout pain.

Lupus has caused gout pain in my joints, especially my ankles. I have not found any non-addictive medication that helps with the pain. This pain is much worse at night and keeps me up, sometimes all night. Believe me, I’ve tried everything out there for my pain; from morphine to whiskey!

My wife purchased your 3000mg organic CBD oil tincture for migraine pain that I was also experiencing. I rub the CBD oil it into my temples as I feel the migraines coming on. On one particularly bad flair-up of gout pain, in desperation, I liberally rubbed the CBD oil into my ankles. I was amazed and excited to discover that the pain was completely gone within about 15 minutes! I never would have guessed that taking CBD oil for lupus and gout pain would do the trick.

After more than 30 years of pain, I’m now sleeping through the night. To the folks at Silverlight, thank you so much!”

~ Carl B. from Santa Rosa, CA

Learn more from our staff expert Dr. Erich Parks. His article, CBD for Pain Management: Can Using CBD for pain Replace Opioids? explains how CBD works to relieve pain and inflammation.

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