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Using CBD Oil for Tooth Pain

cbd oil for tooth pain

“I have been experiencing debilitating tooth ache pain flair-ups. When it flairs up, the whole side of my face hurts and throbs. Then I started using CBD oil for tooth pain when my wife recommended it. She uses your 3000mg organic CBD oil tincture from Grass Valley Orchards for her migraines. When she rubs the CBD oil tincture directly into her temple and the back of her neck, and the migraines melt away. She suggested I rub her CBD oil directly onto area with the tooth pain.

First of all, I’m a super big skeptic when it comes to pain relief medications. I hate to take them and I’m a big wimp and will do almost anything to avoid dental surgery.  I was completely blown away – after just a few minutes of rubbing the CBD oil tincture onto my gums I was immediately experiencing pain relief.  Within a few hours the toothache was completely gone. 

I’m sure the underlying root canal issue is still there, because I still occasionally feel flair-ups coming on. I know I’ll one day have to have a root canal. But now I quickly apply the tincture to the area and, every time, the flair-up goes away.  I am truly blown away with how effective CBD oil for tooth pain can be! Thank you!

~ Jerry P. from San Diego, CA

Learn more from our staff expert Dr. Erich Parks. His article, CBD for Pain Management: Can Using CBD for pain Replace Opioids? explains how CBD works to relieve pain and inflammation.

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