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CBD Oil for Surgical Pain and Recovery

organic cbd oil for surgical pain and recovery

“I’m 21 and recently had major knee surgery.  A friend recommended that I try your 500mg organic CBD oil for surgical pain and recovery. I am pleasantly surprised with the results!

For several weeks I applied the CBD oil topical liberally on my surgery site. It smells so great with its rosemary and lemongrass essential oils! I am 100% certain that the CBD salve has helped speed up my recovery from surgery.

I had my follow-up appointment with my knee surgeon the other day and she had to look twice at the chart to confirm when she had performed the surgery. The wound and the inflammation were that much reduced! 

I’ve just ordered my 2nd jar of your 500mg Organic CBD Oil Relieve Salve and have recommended it to several other people. It would be especially good to use the CBD oil for surgical pain and recovery, like I did!”

Thank you again, Silverlight!

~ Isa P. from Auburn, CA

Learn more from our staff expert Dr. Erich Parks. His article, CBD for Pain Management: Can Using CBD for pain Replace Opioids? explains how CBD works to relieve pain and inflammation.

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