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How my Dad uses CBD Salve to Treat Cancer

How my Dad is Using CBD Salve to Treat Cancer

“Thank you thank you SilverLight CBD!  It’s hard to believe, but my dad uses CBD salve to treat cancer.

I purchased your Grass Valley Orchards 500mg CBD Relieve Salve for my 94-year old father. He has carcinomas on his temple and on the top of his ear. His oncologist recommended surgery to remove them.

Before the surgery I asked my dad to just try the CBD salve for a few weeks.  He applied the salve several times a day and then called me the other day after his visit with the oncologist.

The doctor said that the carcinoma growth on his temple was effectively gone, and the one on his ear was now 50% reduced! His oncologist cancelled the cancer surgery and recommended he continue using CBD salve to treat cancer on these areas. He’s also using them on other potential troublesome areas.

These results make us so happy!”

~Alan R. from Bradley, CA

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