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Our 1000mg Organic CBD Oil Relieve Salve Maximum Strength from Grass Valley Orchards is a combination of CBD oil, Shea butter, Arnica, and healing oils including hemp seed, jojoba and vitamin E.  Apply this fast acting salve to your aches and pains for accelerated relief and recovery.  Its lovely scent comes from lemongrass and rosemary essential oils.

  • 1000mg organic CBD
  • 2 oz (30ml) jar

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1000mg Organic CBD Oil Relieve Salve Ingredients

Our 1000mg organic CBD oil Relieve Salve is maximum strength and contains shea butter, almond oil, coconut oil, hemp seed oil, CBD isolate, jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, arnica, a proprietary blend of lemongrass and rosemary essential oils.

  • 0% Thc
  • Non-Gmo
  • No Pesticides
  • Laboratory Tested

What’s the best method to take CBD?

You’ve basically got three choices on how to take CBD:

  1. You can take it orally through CBD oil tinctures or through CBD capsules or pills. Remember that it’s most effectively taken as a tincture under your tongue – because it will absorb directly into your bloodstream as opposed to having to digest through your gut.
  2. You can apply our 1000mg organic CBD oil Relieve Salve topically for quick pain relief (for arthritis for example) or for skin conditions. We also carry a 500mg organic CBD oil Relieve Salve.
  3. You can also purchase CBD vape products if you’re comfortable using that method. This is perhaps the fastest acting method for CBD relief.

Bonus  Tip:  Many people will take CBD both orally and topically.  For instance, we have customers who directly rub the CBD tincture into their temples and/or on the back of their necks as they feel migraines coming on.  They will also take the CBD tincture or pill orally for longer term relief through the night.

How much CBD oil should I take?

Although we don’t feel it’s our place to recommend dosages, here are 3 CBD dosage tips:

  • Start small: When beginning CBD treatment, it’s best to start with a small dose – for an average sized person, maybe 25-50mg CBD per dose.   Remember that everyone reacts differently to various supplements.  As with any new supplement, it is important to become familiar with how your body responds to CBD before increasing the dose.


  • Calculate Absorption: If you elect to swallow CBD, either as a pile/capsule or as a CBD tincture, the absorption rate is only about 20%.  So if the CBD tincture measures out at 100mg, you’re actually only getting 20mg into your bloodstream. The most effective way to get the most bang-for-your-buck is to put the tincture under your tongue. It will absorb sublingually into your blood stream.  You’ll get closer to 75% absorption if you do it this way.


  • Talk to your doctor: Many health professionals are familiar with CBD topical benefits, so ask your doctor about using CBD for pain management. Furthermore, as with all medications, discontinue use if you experience unpleasant or adverse effects.

Learn more about using CBD for pain

If you’re new to using CBD oil for pain, read our resident expert, Dr. Parks’, article CBD for Pain Management or How and Why to Use CBD for Fibromyalgia Pain

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Success Stories

CBD Oil to Treat Cancer

“Thank you thank you SilverLight CBD!  It’s hard to believe, but my dad is using CBD salve to treat cancer. I purchased your Grass Valley Orchards 500mg CBD Relieve Salve for my 94-year old father. He has carcinomas on his temple and on the top of his ear. His oncologist recommended surgery to remove them. Before the surgery I asked my dad to just try the CBD salve for a few weeks.  He applied the salve several times a day and then called me the other day after his visit with the oncologist. The doctor said that the carcinoma growth on his temple was effectively gone, and the one on his ear was now 50% reduced! His oncologist cancelled the cancer surgery and recommended he continue using CBD salve to treat cancer on these areas. He’s also using them on other potential troublesome areas. These results make us so happy!”   ~Alan R. from Bradley, CA

CBD Oil for Arthritis Pain

“I’m using CBD for arthritis pain, and to my amazement and great pleasure, my pain is greatly diminished! I am 78 years old and, among other ailments, I have very painful arthritis in my knee. My pain has gotten worse and worse over the years.  I’ve tried a number of remedies and ointments with limited success. Then, my daughter ordered and had delivered to me the 500mg Organic CBD Relieve Salve from Grass Valley Orchards. I rub the CBD on my arthritic knee every morning, in the afternoon and again in the evening. Because I am almost completely pain free, I am much more mobile. I can’t believe I am using CBD for arthritis pain, but it works so well, I can’t imagine life without it. Thank you so much!” ~ Charlotte D. from Bradenton, FL
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