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Using CBD for Arthritis Pain

cbd oil for arthritis pain

“I’m using CBD for arthritis pain, and to my amazement and great pleasure, my pain is greatly diminished! I am 78 years old and, among other ailments, I have very painful arthritis in my knee. My pain has gotten worse and worse over the years.  I’ve tried a number of remedies and ointments with limited success. 

Then, my daughter ordered and had delivered to me the 500mg Organic CBD Relieve Salve from Grass Valley Orchards.

I rub the CBD on my arthritic knee every morning, in the afternoon and again in the evening. Because I am almost completely pain free, I am much more mobile. 

I can’t believe I am using CBD for arthritis pain, but it works so well, I can’t imagine life without it. Thank you so much!”

~ Charlotte D. from Bradenton, FL

Learn more from our staff expert Dr. Erich Parks. His article, CBD for Pain Management: Can Using CBD for pain Replace Opioids? explains how CBD works to relieve pain and inflammation.

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