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Using CBD Oil to Manage Hip Replacement Pain

cbd oil to manage hip replacement pain

“I am 80-years old and recently had a hip replacement.  My son sent me a jar of your 500mg Organic CBD Oil Relive Salve from Grass Valley Orchards. To be honest, I wasn’t sure about using CBD oil to manage hip replacement pain. But he told me to apply the CBD salve liberally on my hip, so I gave it a go.

When I asked my doctor about using it, he said he was all for trying it out.  I hate taking the narcotic, Norco (or Hydrocodone/paracetamol), that he prescribed, so I gave it a shot. Lo and behold, I very quickly experienced pain relief! An added surprise was seeing the inflammation on my hip replacement site decrease!

Thank you to my son for being aware of this product! And a special thank you SilverLight CBD for providing such a great product on your website!

Since friends of mine might need this surgery, I’m going to make sure to let them know about using CBD oil to manage hip replacement pain. It’s much better than taking a narcotic!

~ Beate S. from Red Bank, NJ

Learn more from our staff expert, Dr. Erich Parks. He has written about the benefits of using CBD for pain management. In this important article, he discusses how opioids work and why CBD can be a welcomed alternative to helping reduce pain and inflammation. See the 500mg organic CBD oil Reileve Salve that Beate used for her pain and inflammation.

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