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Using CBD Oil for Anxiety and Sleep Issues


“For the last several months, I’ve been using CBD oil for anxiety and sleep issues. I can’t tell you how happy I am with the results!

A friend recommended I check out SilverLight CBD, which offers a wide range of CBD products from a number of top CBD manufacturers. I highly recommend your CBD oil for anxiety and sleep issues! Here are the details of how it has helped me.

I started taking the 1000mg organic CBD oil from Grass Valley Orchards twice a day. The CBD tincture is made with pure organic coconut oil which is a very pleasant taste. I simply use a full dropper in my tea every morning. This really helps my anxiety!

I have had anxiety and sleep issues for a long time and I’ve tried everything with very limited success. At bedtime, I take another full dropper in the evening about an hour before bed. This has helped my sleeping so much that sometimes I even sleep straight through the night. Sleeping for long stretches is something I have rarely been able to do.

Thank you Silverlight CBD for creating Grass Valley Orchards!”

~ Kathryn A. from Ashville, NC

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